Through this special Introductory Package you can access two of Zymr's most highly requested collateral in one go. Our hope is that this will benefit your company's exploration of alternative development models given the substantial price of engineering talent in many of the leading innovation centers around the world. Many companies are offering a new generation of "blended value" by coupling offshore development and design with local time zone architects and project managers. Here's to your success!

"Smartsourcing: A Guide to Selecting an Agile Development Partner" goes over the primary business considerations to keep in mind when exploring what a strategic development partner might mean for your business. This includes 

  • Key factors to consider for your development strategy
  • Popular destinations with a track record of high quality services
  • Selection criteria to narrow your shortlisted vendors

"Anatomy of a Modern Cloud Stack" describes the various architectural layers that must be tended to when developing a cloud-enabled solution. Get an appreciation for the various layers; from Tier-1 pieces like visualization and ecosystems, to Tier-2 pieces like backend services, platform services, resource connectors, and data analytics, to Tier-3 pieces like resources, and cloud delivery. Which of these layers should be handled by your core team, and which should be handed off to a competent development partner.